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While I am not a parenting expert, I am a parent, a daughter and a keen observer of human motivations and decision making. I’ve spent my career studying consumer behavior for a living.  Discovering the rational and emotional factors that lead someone to buy a product, support an organization or do things a certain way. I started MPowered Parenting as a place to share observations and tips from my own journey that shifted from trying to manage my kids, to motivating, inspiring and empowering them.


Backseat Learners

Can my child be kicked out of his advanced reading class based on declining test scores? That’s a thought that entered my mind as I reviewed recent standardized test results the other day, showing a modest decline in reading scores two semesters in a row. While I was raised by a mother who paved the way for future Tiger Moms, I like to think of myself as less fixated on grades and other external measures of achievement. Except that my son’s declining scores mirror his indiffe


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