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Parenting insights on raising resourceful and resilient children

While I am not a parenting expert, I am a parent, a daughter and a keen observer of human motivations and decision making. I’ve spent my career studying consumer behavior for a living.  Discovering the rational and emotional factors that lead someone to buy a product, support an organization or do things a certain way. I started MPowered Parenting as a place to share observations and tips from my own journey that shifted from trying to manage my kids, to motivating, inspiring and empowering them.

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When my children were young, I devoured parenting books, looking for insights to help me understand how two vastly different creatures could come from the same parents. With my older son, I struggled to understand him while helping him interact with the world he struggled to navigate. Here was a child who loved books and could name dozens of train engines at age 3 but melted down with the slightest change in routine. While his younger brother was requesting “av-cado” for snac

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