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Parenting insights on raising resourceful and resilient children

While I am not a parenting expert, I am a parent, a daughter and a keen observer of human motivations and decision making. I’ve spent my career studying consumer behavior for a living.  Discovering the rational and emotional factors that lead someone to buy a product, support an organization or do things a certain way. I started MPowered Parenting as a place to share observations and tips from my own journey that shifted from trying to manage my kids, to motivating, inspiring and empowering them.

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Thanksgiving Reflections

📷 I find that Thanksgiving is a good inflection point in the year, marking the start of the holiday season and year-end frenzy that defines December. In these moments of calm I reflect on questions like, How have I lived my values this year? Have I been intentional with the time and energy I’ve expended? What am I doing to share my gratitude for the good fortune I’ve had with others? In the device-obsessed world my two boys live in, I use this time of year to find ways to in

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